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Thal Limited is a leading conglomerate engaged in the manufacture of Engineering, Building and Packaging products

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The management is conscious of the environmental challenges to mother earth and is fully committed to meet its obligations to community and country.

Energy Conservation

The Jute Business further replaced 109 old and inefficient motors with energy efficient ones under the US Aid energy conservation project and registered a saving of 10% in these motors. This was in addition to the 97 motors replaced last year under the same program. The Jute Business also replaced 232 tube lights with efficient LED light.

Environment Friendly Jute Cultivation

Jute is a natural fiber and used to make things such as sacks, rope, twine, hessian bags and much more. Jute products are 100% biodegradable and can also be disposed of without causing environmental hazards. It is being used extensively around the world especially considering its outstanding environmental benefits. So, the cultivation of jute locally may fetch the following environmental benefits: